IFA expertise

Wood is our passion

From the forest to when it leaves the sawmill, our raw material goes through remarkable transformation: 100% of the wood is used. There is a lot more to the determination spearheaded by the Baret Group than just perpetuating our sole business activity: we are seeking to preserve a collective asset, a legacy for past and future generations.

Logging & Trade

With these three sawing lines, IFA transforms 40 to 50 m3 of wood per day. Within a maximum radius of 200 km around the sawmill (France & Belgium), our cutting clerk selects batches of PEFC logs that satisfy our quality criteria. In the middle of the cutting season, several teams of lumberjacks and loggers spread across the different sectors work for IFA.

Sawing & Sharpening

Employee expertise is essential to optimise wood cutting when sawing. The apparent singularities and characteristics (quality, length, diameter and straightness) of the log determine the future products that will be sawn – wood sleepers, square-edged sawn timber and unedged sawn timber. Another essential unit is the sharpening station, which prepares and sharpens about a hundred blades per month to ensure constant running and a high quality cut.

Logistics & Transportation

Once felling is finished, the majority of the cut is transported to Fumay. We take delivery of the logs ourselves. Some are resold and retailed on site. For a decade, IFA has used a network of loyal partners who provide transport in France and throughout Europe.

Its knowledge of the forest, transformation process, markets and its ability to adapt make IFA a trusted, reliable and responsive partner.